September 4th Week 2013

Looks like we are getting back into the full swing of things after the holiday season. Although Sergeant Slaughter took part in the second weeks run through of the main session, we did not log her scores in the score card as we did not go through with the initial 4 tests, but I can assure you, Slaughter will no doubt set some very high scores in the third and final week.

Besides the main session, there have been some interesting challenges set over the general tests that are open to everyone (some people still yet to join in). It looks to me like P-Rad (two boxers) are wanting to make an early statement, setting some excellent scores in the early weeks of these challenges opening. Especially considering that Slaughter had for a few days been the press up hold champion with 1m38, P-Rad didn’t enjoy losing the crown and came back with an astounding 2m10.

30/09/2013 Partner Hold Diamond Press Hold Dorsel Hold Crunch Oblique Twists Rainbow Raise 3kg leg raise 4 punch Crunch 1-2 3kg hold squat Squat alt  dip Blowout
1st MI   22s MI   20 MI   1m31 BL   1m15 BL   74 BL   60 BL   40 MI   57 MI   66 MI   26s MI   15 MI   8.5
2nd - BL   12 BL   25s MI   32s MI   72 MI   32 MI   31 BL   46 BL   65 BL   22s BL   7 BL   4.5
3rd - - - - - - - - - - - -
TOTALS 1st 2nd 3rd Comments ID ID No. Other tests
Big Left 4 7 0 BL 1 0
Slaughter 0 0 0 SS 2 2
Magnum 8 4 0 OVERALL WINNER! MI 3 2
P-Rad 0 0 0 PR 4 4 1
Mr Knight 0 0 0 MK 5 1
GENERAL   TESTS Who Result ID   Overall session winner…    
Press up test P-Rad 35 4 Magnum
Straight leg dip   test Magnum 25 3
Squat test   (bodyweight) P-Rad 46 4 Overall general test   winner…
Burpee test P-Rad 8 4 P-Rad
Crunch test 0
Leg raise test Slaughter 31 2
Press up hold test P-Rad 2m 10s 4
Plank hold test 0
Bridge hold test 0
V twists 3kg Slaughter 93 2 Remember – you can request any test   you like
Bench Press 1RM Mr   Knight 103.7kg 5 we can always add them to   this list!
Deadlift 1RM Magnum 90kg 3

5 thoughts on “September 4th Week 2013

  1. Gentlemen, gentlemen, what can I say? I’ve been off my game but I can assure you I’m back! Big Left, Magnum, I hope you enjoyed losing because you are going back to that place tonight. New boys, P-Rad, Mr Knight, it’s good to meet you; I’m going to enjoy beating you! Sergeant Slaughter always kills it.

    • I shall be doing it today! I need to clean the scorecard up a bit too so might take me a while. Doesn’t appear properly on the page on certain devices.

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