October 3rd Week General Scores Update!

We’ve had a bit of an easy week (well most of you have) in order to rest the mind and body in preparation for the next competition rounds. I am currently writing up the plans, but for now check out the updates to the general scores from this last week.
If ever you want any tests adding, then just let me know. Think of your strengths, and maybe someone else will come along to challenge you to push you to greater heights. Keep up the good work everyone!

Press up test P-Rad 35 4
Straight leg dip   test Big   Left 30 1 Overall session winner…
Squat test   (bodyweight) P-Rad 46 4 P-Rad
Burpee test Magnum 15 3
Crunch test Magnum 120 3 Overall general test winner…
Leg raise test Big   Left 45 1 Magnum Tied with… P-Rad
Press up hold test P-Rad 2m 10s 4
Plank hold test Big   Left 1m 21s 1
Hold a crunch test P-Rad 3m 29s 4
V-sit up test 0
Bridge hold test 0
4k Run (machine) Magnum 35m 36s 3
Wall squat hold test Slaughter 2m 18s 2 Remember – you can request any test you like
V twists 3kg Slaughter 93 2 we can always add them to   this list!
Bench Press 1RM Mr   Knight 103.7kg 5
Deadlift 1RM Magnum 90kg 3

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