November 3rd Week Update!

Apologies for my lack of updates lately, I have been inundated with my other line of work as I have taken on a new role.
The results are looking good although we do have a number of scores missing due to Slaughter not having taken part just yet and P-Rad as per usual will be taking part in the last week. So at the moment it’s a faceoff between Big Left and Magnum which is looking to be quite close with a lot of back and forth scores over the last two weeks. Next week is the final week and everyone shall be playing ball, so I look forward to seeing how this one will pan out given some peoples with it being an entirely new session on their one and only attempt.
REMEMBER! It’s not just about getting to the top spot, it’s about improving on your on scores and thus improving on your level of fitness and health.

11/11/2013 1st Score 2nd Score 3rd Score 4th Score
Scarecrow   hold 2*2kg BL 1.43 MI 1.23
Sky   punch 2*2kg MI 150 BL 70
Side   raise 2*2kg BL 33 MI 30
Squats MI 50 BL 22
10 punch   touch down MI BL 26
Sit up   twist 3kg MI 25 BL 19
Alt 1/4 get ups 2*2kg BL 29 MI 25
(sat)   kick *2 stand 1-2 MI 23 BL 17
Timed   punches MI 1.31 BL 1min
Core   circuit MI 14 BL 8
Alt leg   kicks BL 150 MI 119
Blowout! BL 8.6 MI 8.5
TOTALS 1st 2nd 3rd Comments ID ID No. General count
Big Left 6 6 0 BL 1 3
Slaughter 0 0 0 SS 2 2
Magnum 7 5 0 OVERALL WINNER! MI 3 5 1
P-Rad 0 0 0 PR 4 3
Mr Knight 0 0 0 MK 5 1
Press up test P-Rad 35 4
Straight leg dip   test Big   Left 30 1 Overall session winner…
Squat test   (bodyweight) Magnum 50 3 Magnum
Burpee test Magnum 15 3
Crunch test Magnum 120 3 Overall general test winner…
Leg raise test Big   Left 45 1 Magnum
Press up hold test P-Rad 2m 10s 4
Plank hold test Big   Left 1m 21s 1
Hold a crunch test P-Rad 3m 29s 4
V-sit up test 0
Bridge hold test 0
4k Run (machine) Magnum 34m 49s 3
Wall squat hold test Slaughter 2m 18s 2 Remember – you can request any test you like
V twists 3kg Slaughter 93 2 we can always add them to   this list!
Bench Press 1RM Mr   Knight 103.7kg 5
Deadlift 1RM Magnum 90kg 3

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