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This page will be used primarily to record your weight anonymously. I have encouraged each of you individually to weigh yourself on a morning before eating, and after visiting the loo. This will give you the best indication of your weight possible. Some of you visit weight watchers / slimming world which is fantastic, but their weigh ins are during the evening. This can be a little misleading for men and women alike as your weight will fluctuate depending on your levels of hydration, the weight of your clothes, if you have ate leading up to the event, and last but not least – hormones!

The benefit of being proactive and recording a morning weight is that it is not only a true indication of your progress, but also another opportunity for you to think about your weight, how you are doing, if you need to make more of an effort etc.
Here you can see other peoples progress too which may be encouraging to you. I would also suggest people leave words of encouragement, or you could treat this space as your diary spot so that you can explain what you think worked, or didn’t work for you.

THE FORMAT – Please enter your weight in pounds (easier to spot the difference without breaking into decimal numbers), followed by the increase (some of you are bulking) in brackets.

i.e. 182lbs (-1) Go team!

7 thoughts on “Weight Tracker

  1. 141 lbs – The sun has disappeared (on the most part) until next year now, and it is time for my form of hibernation – bulking!


    How I’m starting off…


    First of all, the majority of cardiovascular work is out of the window. I’m only doing the odd bit of padwork or sparring, so no running / cycling etc.
    My training regime will mainly consist of heavy sets of compound exercises with low rep ranges. For example, bench pressing, incline press, weighted chins, bent over rows, shrugs, squats and dead lifts (6-8 sets of 8-12 reps).
    I will probably throw in the odd day of arm training (ego training lol).


    I have a core diet that I am starting off with (typical day example below), which I will develop and hopefully continue to improve over the next 6 months.

    Breakfast – Cold porridge oats, almond flakes, raisins. A protein shake
    Brunch – Oats mixed into a low fat natural yoghurt
    Lunch – Basmati rice, tin of tuna, boiled green beans, spiced up with chilli powder
    Afternoon / pre training snack – Oatcakes with peanut butter * 3 – creatine shake
    Post training – Protein shake
    Dinner – Grilled chicken breast, either chilli sauce / curry sauce, broccoli and brown rice
    Snack before bed – Cottage cheese (slow release protein)

  2. 143.2lbs (+2.2lbs) – Everything went to plan last week! I figured out a few ways of being even better prepared too. The one challenge I have faced so far this week is that my daughter is with me all week long as her mother is away in Spain. Because of this, my weekly shop was delayed somewhat by a couple of hours. I had ran out of food, and to ensure I didn’t go off track from my diet plan, I simply popped to the local shop and picked up a Total fat free yoghurt (high in protein). I mixed it up with a small cup of oats, half a small cup of almonds, and half a small cup of sultanas (always available in my cupboards). This nicely sustained me until I could get back from my main shop, just in time to eat again.

  3. 15 stone and 8Ibs- Everything went tits up, should have planned better, the weather cant make up its mind, and chocolate and comfort food have been calling out to me, been bombarded with tv adverts, have decided to switch tv off, i brought scotch eggs, ruined my weekly plan, never gonna eat them again, halloween is around the corner and gonna have to plan better to see some results.

  4. 144.6lbs (+1.4lbs) – This has been a bit delayed due to a crazy busy week! But still on track, steadily gaining weight whilst eating healthy. This week I’ll be researching the most ideal protein powder to help further stimulate growth.

  5. 15st and 8Ibs- Been this weight for a whole month now, no change, last week was hectic, did not do my weekly shop or plan very well last week, thought i may have gained, will go over my diet plan this week and make some changes and see what happens, they got xmas mince pies in the shops already, i skipped past them and have discovered oranges, been peeling and eating oranges whilst watching tv, helps when you got them nasty munchies.

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